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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Monotypes from YazzGrl Art


I present some new works from my YazzGrl Art collection via my Square Store.
These are my latest mixed media works. They are hand-pressed and pulled Monotype prints that have been re-worked with mixed media techniques. They are available at this link site:

Friday, January 20, 2017

‘I will have a good cry and then pick myself up and get myself ready for another round of battles’

Beloved brother Leonard Peltier
Photo source Internet

Our beloved brother, Leonard Peltier recently expressed, "I will have a good cry and then pick myself up and get myself ready for another round of battles." It is said he said this after learning that President Obama did not grant him clemency.

It is my belief that our Brother is made to be an example, he has been in prison almost as long as I've been on this earth. A great injustice has been done and is currently committed , as long has he is in prison, the Indigenous community is disrespected. I believe that we as Indigenous need to keep Peltier in our prayers, to keep his spirit strong and for protection.

In a sense, our Brother is us and we are him. As long as we are on this earth, we all share his struggle against injustice. His identity and our identities as modern Indigenous people is our hope for our future. We must never forget him in our prayerlife.

If you would like to support Leonard via a letter or cards to support him, please do so. Here is his address:

Leonard Peltier #89637-132
USP Coleman I
PO Box 1033
Coleman, FL 33521

We are still fighting to 'exist' as Indigenous

Indigenous life-way.
Photo by Venaya Yazzie

Injustice. The word just sounds evil. My Indigenous people have been through so much since 'contact.' We as Indigenous have stood, been knocked down, cried, mourned since the European came to the shores of our ancestral homelands. Through all the autrocities that have been committed against us as Indigenous, we still stand steadfast.  During this time of great political change in America, we as Indigenous keep strong to our ways, our Indigenous prayer-ways keep and sustain us.

Although the statement is often said, "We are all one, we are all humans" the fact is that my Indigenous people are not like the ordinary man or woman. We have maintained our ways of being, our Indigenous epistemologies are our survival life-givers. We still have our sacred Indigenous languages that are sustained via our prayer lives, our spiritual lives are strong as ever.

In this year of 2017 across America my Indigenous brothers and sisters, and the elders too, are amidst a plethora of turmoils. We are all still fighting to 'exist' as Indigenous people - for the America of our ancestors time and in the 21st century still does not want us here. They still maintain the same colonialist theories and tactics to 'wipe' us off this earth. In North Dakota the People are still standing steadfast against the Dakota Access Pipeline, still doing all they can to protect the sacred waters and sacred sites.  The 'NODAPL' Water Protectors are our present day warriors, they have the blood of their historical past of warrior-hood flowing through them.

I share this with you because I am hoping to bless the People, to bless this land which was tainted from the very beginning. We are Indigenous are the direct, sacred creation of the only one and true Creator God. We were put on this earth for a purpose, I believe it is to remind "they, the others that the Earth is sacred, and that the elements of Earth are blessings to maintain the spiritual life, and that WE Indigenous are watching.

This blog is dedicated specifically to my southwest desert Pueblo and Navajo ancestors, but really too to all Indigenous of North and South America, and it is still about 'Indigenous Adornment' but these other issues we face too are a part of the experience. I 'adorn' myself as a way of stating visually that I am a child of the desert lands, and I wear my turquoise as a way of respecting the beliefs and ways of my southwest Indigenous heritage.

I 'adorn' to say, 'I'm still here, my life is relevant, my Indigenous existence is sacred.'



Friday, January 13, 2017

Nizhon Earrings made by YazzGrl Art Studio

Here I post another version of my YazzGrl Art earrings. These one-of-a-kind earring pair are called "Nizhon Earrings."

These depict imagery of a southwestern Navajo woman with a traditional women's hairstyle and dress. She wears her own 'adornment' via her turquoise earrings and necklace,  Each earring is unique as each is hand-painted with acrylic paints and features sterling silver jump ring and earring hooks to complete.

You can view these wonderful earrings also at my Square Store account at this following link:

Earring muses

"Muse I" Handpainted earrings by Venaya Yazzie
Photo by YazzGrl Art

"Muse II" Handpainted earrings by Venaya Yazzie
Photo by YazzGrl Art

These images feature my one-of-a-kind earring designs which are inspired by my YazzGrl artwork imagery, they are each unique and are hand-painted on wooden discs.  The later earring "Muse II" featured an added adornment of Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones.

You can find these and other of my art items on my Square Store account at the following link:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Beautyways of Navajoland 2016

Many blessings from me to you!
V enaya Yazzie

First of all, many blessings and thankfulness to the start of a new era.  We have entered the year 2016 and so far it has been amazing.

I would like to start this entry with a quote from my favorite Indigenous writer N. Scott Momaday:

I am interested in the way that we look at a given landscape

 and take possession of it in our blood and brain. None of us

 lives apart from the land entirely; such an isolation is 


As ever I am in love and in complete adoration of the beauty of Navajoland in the winter season. The mesas are decorated with white snow and clear blue skies welcome my outdoor treks.  I am thankful for many things in my life, but most of all I am so blessed to have a wonderful family that supports and loves me.  I look forward to what the new year brings and hope to good things to cross my path. For me, the high desert will always be my home and all its details will inspire me as I continue my art path.  I can travel to places outside the boundaries of my 'keyah,' eastern Navajoland, but it is always with me, in me, flowing through my veins.

I bid you blessings and good thoughts and thank you for visiting my blog space. Let's see what 2016 brings to the table!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blessings of the Desert Matriarchs

Family matriarchs putting up a loom.
Photo by Venaya Yazzie 2016
Winter blessings are upon us in the high desert southwest. My family is amidst the winter activities of the eastern Dine' people in northwest New Mexico.
I share this image as a means of blessings. I feel so very blessed to be able to be in the presence of such matriarchs as they put of a new weaving loom. The voices and conversations of my aunties and grandmothers is priceless. The language of the Dine' matriarch is medicine for my spirit.
I hope you are well and finding blessings in your own family circle and friends during this magical time of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Indigenous Adornment site by Venaya Yazzie

Venaya Yazzie site description

Please visit and share my website concerning Indigenous Adornment which describes my specialized research and efforts in sharing and educating people and diverse communities about my tribal people's traditions and customs about adornment.
Follow this link:

Nizhoni Bears.

Nizhoni Bears made by Venaya Yazzie
Photo by YAZZGRL ART 2016

Its during this season that I take to the sewing studio where I am inspired to make my Blue Bird Bag - Nizhoni Bears.
Here I share my newest editions of my Nizhoni Bears. I with my aunt participate in the community holiday craft bazaars where we show and share our stories of the things we make. For me it is these bears and also my Nizhoni Blue Bird Bags too.
This new batch also includes some bears made of a poly/cotton blend material that looks somewhat like the famous Pendleton blankets. Each is unique in its creation and each carries my artist hallmark on them.
I make these Nizhoni Bears in the way of my matriarchs who also worked to reuse such items such as the Blue Bird flour bags. I currently have my bags posted for purchase on my Square Store account. Please follow link to view:

Generations of Desert Adornment

With my Masani'
Photo courtesy of Venaya Yazzie

Ever since I was a child I have seen my maternal grandmother 'adorned' in her cultural jewelry items.  She is now in her mid-80s and she still wears her turquoise and silver jewelry, this is her way.  And I do the same, for I feel that if I don't wear my southwestern cultural jewelry then I am not complete.
This tradition is rooted deep with many desert people of who have many generations of teaching about why one should keep turquoise on their person. As I have mentioned before, wearing turquoise for many goes much deeper that just looking beautiful in your adornment, for it concerns the spiritual.
Among the Dine' and the Pueblo peoples of the American southwest are a plethora of cultural stories and oral histories of the origin of turquoise adornment. For me it is much connected to prayer and protection. I feel that when I wear my tribal jewelry I am 'protected' by the traditions of my desert matriarchs and patriarchs.
I hope this winter season finds you well and in the good company of your family and clan relatives. I wish you a very wonderful Christmas season!